Maplex Monk at Cherokee Park for a photo

Maplex Monk at Cherokee Park for a photo shoot



Upon my searches for cool new tunes I discovered th ‘Atypicals’ Cool electronic house tunes made with real instruments!!! good for these guys.

enjoy the Atypicals at their site 

Weekends have been reclaimed!

“Is it afternoon already? Ive been heady from this lack of sleep,
and this silver spoon is steady while the water heats and starts to steep.”
– Maplex Monk

(give me coffee)

“Early morning mourning for the snoring and the boring,
and if I afford a stretch then I’ll be better-veined with caffeine coursing, (give me coffee).”
– Maplex Monk


“Through the years, Louisville’s earX-tacy has been a notable exception as the retail music business has been transformed, a local success story that’s fought the good fight against the Walmarts of the world and survived the changes in the music business as it has gone from vinyl to cassette to CD to MP3 downloads.

But now there’s trouble afoot for John Timmons’ store…”


“We’ve all shown that we support ear X-tacy and don’t want to see it go down, so let’s actually do something about it! The week of March 1st-5th, make a conscious effort to visit the store and buy at least ONE PIECE of merchandise! It can be a CD, DVD, vinyl, t-shirt… anything!

This is not just a matter of loving the store anymore, it’s a matter of shopping locally and keeping our independent businesses and economy alive. Don’t let chains take over! If we keep our money in the community, it stays in the community and further benefits the development of our city as a whole.

And while you’re there, stop by another local business and show support!

If you can’t make it to the store, order something online:

Ninja Mantra Bicycle Couriers!

Maplex Monk & The Ninja Mantra are now available for bicycle delivery & courier service!

A wide variety of items are available for delivery from many different locations in the Old Louisville/Highlands area. For more information contact Maplex Monk @(502) 509-3450 or

Biycle Courier

Maplex Monk has survived another year!

The house was on a rise, lifted my eyes to size the situation,

Patiently deep breathing, my surprise turned into straight elation,

give a leg to stand on man, this plan is quite obtuse,

and we’ll be laying waiting for the man to site and shoot,

give a goosey loosely, toothy grin intending truth,

build a bitter baggy buggy, bring a bigger batch of troops.