Drip, drip, drip

drip, drip, drip

from the bottle to the paper

from the sugar to my salivary glands

hold your hands out

wait for this to spark a brain wave fit

that will fix whatever ails you

failing only in it’s own capacity to fail

true the rhythm of the world is only open if your mind is

open up your brain doors

let a ninja climb in

time it properly and possibly you’ll realize

that luck doesn’t exist and now you’re stuck with all these fireflies

lighting up the night sky an inch at a time

like a clever little light-wave binary line

but do we track that grand projection?

no we don’t

here’s a stone so we can see if all their life-blood glows

yes it does, but not enough

and now the fire don’t fly so well

just a lump of luminescence sadly smeared across a shelf

until it puddles up, we huddle up, and struggle till we slip

and down goes baby now

drip, drip, drip


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