“I place the blame on everyone else,
without taking time to look deep inside of myself,
So many choices; books upon the shelves,
I get lost in your assistance I could really use some help,
I scream so loud that my voice is moot,
I know what you’re thinking that this doesn’t all compute,
But if you take the time to add the lines,
you’ll soon find an enigma trapped in a logical mind,
Don’t try to solve it you may get sucked inside,
just go and ask yourself what does it mean to really be alive?
The only thing I am for sure about being alive,
is that it all comes to an end, and everything must die,
So please feed me know more of your lies,
yes it was on purpose, you didn’t think I’d realize,
Love me hate me just don’t underestimate me,
because as of lately I’ve been a little crazy, Slightly hazy,
this Mexican dirt weed just can’t daze me,
your shit can no longer faze me,
but I will still cry if I’m still alive to see you pushing daisies,
some say its all about the hook or chorus,
but as for the music lovers that shit kinda bores us,
its about the lyrics and the message,
don’t try to contest this,
its not something you mess with,
just like that silly-ass meth shit,
I mean look in the mirror, do you see your face?
That alone should put you in your fucking  place,
I smoke weed and it does have its stigma,
but its nothing like my rhyming enigma,
yeah I rhymed them, that just did happened,
I may be white but I’m no Eric Clapton,
don’t get me wrong (I am no hater) he is good at what he does,
but I wont be listening later, “Whoop de whoop niga whaaa?!”
yeah ill admit that’s some random shit, I chose to spit,
just remember you still have the option to quit,
if my rhymes get to sick,  the air gets to thick,
or if you get lost in the mix,
but don’t worry I wont ever be caught chokin’,
I know every word there is to be spoken,
here take this two-headed token, flip it,
the day it lands on tails is the day ill quit smoking.”

–  Philthy


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